WANC 10: Double Digits


Wow, the big Ten-Oh. Lots of pointless ponderings. We also have an interview with Odd Todd, of oddtodd.com.

And Now for the news...

Wisdom of Parasites Wasp creates cockroach zombie which it drives to its lair.

Robots could demand legal rights Robots may be entitled to rights long before reaching the level of human intelligence. Much as some believe animals should have rights, robots that achieve the performance and intelligence level of animals may need protections. Robo-Health Care = Extended service contracts?

Virtual reality to get its own network? A new network to support VR for business and gaming is planned. Neuronet is being planned by International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies and the first incarnation of it is suppose to go live this year with customer applications planned for 2009. Could this be an answer to Net-Neutrality?

Parrot's oratory stuns scientists An African grey parrot with an over 950 word vocabulary has displayed the ability to use conjugated verbs and improvise words and phrases in new situations. This means that the bird actually surpasses most college athletes in vocabulary skills. When he first met Dr Jane Goodall, the renowned chimpanzee expert, after seeing her in a picture with apes, N'kisi said: "Got a chimp?"

Possible Real Genius 2 with Val Kilmer Nuff said.