WANC 09: The Ramblers


***NOTE: There was apparently some kind of problem with the original posting of this episode that prevented it from playing in some players (such as iTunes), and cut off or garbled parts of it in others. I think it is now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.*** And here is the most likely not eagerly anticipated 9th episode. Another pointless foray into the psyche of two middle-aged geeks.

It turns out that using your brain makes it grow. British Cabbies Brains

Some people just have no sense of humor Swedish Village of Fjuckby

Who knew? Space Tourism is Dangerous.

Before you go loot that Uber Mob's corpse you need to feel out IRS Form 1087-4:

And as a side note to the above story, Mike Reaches Level 60 in WoW and a discussion of geek sex appeal (or lack there of) ensues. Circuit City Moving to Sadville

Possible New Animated Star Trek Series

Your whole life in a cube, wait, I already have that at the office.