Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from all the wancsters here at we are not cool. I hope everyone out there had a good time celebrating however they choose to. I've never been much for the generic happy holidays thing, it feels kind of sterile and lifeless to me. I do realize though that there are all kinds of people with all kinds of beliefs and non-beliefs out there. So I use the happy holidays here, not with the intent of not offending someone, but with the idea you will replace it with whatever has meaning for yourself. If you are the type that would take offense at the sincere well-wishing of someone just because they frame it in a context that doesn't mesh with your particular world view, you came to wrong place. Leave now, it will be simpler for everyone.

Its been a busy time for us all and this podcast thing is just kind of limping along. We are not giving up on it though and you will continue to see new shows popping up here. We are shooting for a bi-monthly release schedule at the moment, and hopefully when everything settles down after the new year we will make some improvements (yeah right). A new site design is in the works, though there is no real estimate of when it will be done. If anyone has suggestions for things they would like to see on the site or hear on the show, let us know. If we actually have listeners, it would be nice to hear from them once in awhile. If not, we will just keep going off on whatever tangents we feel like.

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded and taken a listen, and thanks to those that have taken the time to talk to us (most notably MC Frontalot and Brad Sucks). Here is to the new year and all the opportunity for general silliness it brings with us.