WANC 08: Brad Sucks Again ( Still Nice Though)

This WANC was recorded the day after Thanksgiving when we were all still stuffed like a turkey. Hopefully the energy level picks up for the next WANC. Before we get to what was talked about in this episode we would like to take a moment to make you all aware of something very serious. Joe Murphy over at the Wingin' it Podcast , Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas Podcast and Slice of Sci-Fi Podcast found out a couple of weeks ago that he has a tumor that's about the size of a cantaloupe in his stomach. He also found out this last week that it is malignant. While Joe has been upbeat about this ( upon Evo's suggestion he named the tumor Kuato) it has to really suck knowing this thing is inside you. Joe we here at WANC wish you the very best and we know you will kick this things ass!We love you Mason Rocket( in a manly sort o' way, of course)!