WANC 38: Adventures in Alcohol

On this weeks thrilling episode: Promos:


Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

  • Fanboys, a fun ride.
  • Sci-Fi Channel to change its name to SyFy.  Cool people still not tuning in.
  • New show to premier on SyFy in July.  Warehouse 13.  Name likely to be changed to Wrhse10+3 to appeal to cool edgy people.
  • Sick of American Television, try BBC America.
  • Is this my future ice maker?
  • We discuss if TV shows should voluntarily end after a set time?
  • My friend Yukari gets a tattoo based on artwork from a WordPress Theme.
  • Olivia Munn leaps into a giant pie while dressed as a French Maid.  Fun to watch, yet kind of sad.
  • Need to kill a few months.  Try a quick game of Small Tetris.  Mike prefers Gemcraft.
  • Jason spends St. Patrick's Day waiting for O'Malley's to open.
  • MWM seeks local Irish Themed Pub for long term relationship.  This is as close as it gets.