Snakes on a Plane Screening

Well we had the screening last night and had a pretty decent turn out. I didn't have 100 folks to invite but we did manage to get 45. I originally had about 60 but many of those were from out of town and could not make it.Everyone seemed to have a fun time and I was really psyched to meetthe Fazed contingent that were there. They included Spunone, JoLynn, Vonneida,TheSarcasmic and BlueNickMan(who just happened to be in the area as he is on his way cross-country move from Massachusetts to Oregon for a new job.) There are pics from Pam in the gallery right now. I'm expecting more from my brother and his wife to complete the gallery. Thank you Pam,Jason and SueAnn for taking the pics. Pam also got a video clip of the short speech I made before the movie which can be seen below( it's dark but hey it's a theatre and we all know just how good I look! ;-P ).

The Plaque was not there. I wrote to the contest organizers about the plaque and just got an e-mail back saying that the people who made the plaque screwed up and it had to be re-done. They said it should be here in a week or two so I'll post a pic of it when it gets here.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who showed up and to all those that supported me during the contest.Thanks to Spunone for letting me hijack Fazed for almost a month.A special thanks goes to Max for splitting the prize, as that was a very cool and awesome thing to do!

Video:5 things I learned from Snakes on a Plane.