Snakes on a Plane: The Return of the WANC

It appears the WANCsters have gone limp for a time. We are rapidly coming up on two months without a new podcast. What can I say, between long hours at work, and job changes, to a horrible World of Warcraft addiction, recording a podcast just has fallen by the wayside. That is all about to change though. There was nothing to get the WANC team to rise to attention like the release of the much ballyhooed release of Snakes on a Plane. Doz got that tattoo, and we've all been waiting to see the movie to decide if he was a lunatic or a visionary. Last night we saw an advanced showing of the film, and I'm happy to say that Doz will be able to wear his tat with pride for the foreseeable future. With the religious like zeal of Samuel L. Jackson fandom coursing through our blood we will be recording a new show tonight and it should be edited and on the site by Tuesday at the latest.