Tomorrow morning I do an interview with WGRD an alternative music station in Grand Rapids Michigan about the Snakes on a Plane tattoo. The interview is for their morning show Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show. The interview won't be live on the air but pre-recorded as it's done after their show is over so I won't be roasted live on the air.I'm looking forward to it as it should be fun. Not sure when it will airĀ  but I have asked for an mp3 of it after it airs so that I can put it on the site. It was weird the way that it happened. I got an e-mail from my webhosting company that someone had contacted them about my site. The reason they contacted Dreamhost is that I don't have contact info on the site so as to keep my e-mail safe from spammers. I almost deleted the e-mail because the title was "Your Site" which is a title that many spammers use. Well I noticed my first name in the preview so since that is not common Knowledge I read it. It said it was from my webhosting company and it gave me an e-mail address and phone number. I checked them out and they were both legit so I sent an e-mail to the address which was the producer of the morning show and set up the interview. Oh well more info tomorrow after the interview. Now go vote!