There Are Snakes on a Plane on My Arm!

The deed is done. I got the tattoo today and damned if it doesn't look awesome! As soon as I got to the shop I got to feeling better. I guess I just had a case of the jitters. THe tat took about an hour and ten minutes to do. The lady that did it was named Jennifer and I did get it done at Fine Line Tattoo.

When we got there the guy I think his name was MIke said he thought I should use the design they had done instead of the one that Bill had done. I called Bill over and he agreed,so I used that one. It turned out beautifully! So here is the pic just click on it to get a bigger image:

Snakes ona Plane Tattoo

Bill Jason and Lonnie and Trisha we're there for moral support and to make fun of me so a good time was had by all.

There will be more pictures posted as I get them from the various cameras that were there. Most of those will most likely be posted on WANC.

I'll write more tomorrow!